Anime music videos created by Chaosprojects

Pangya Video

Video Title: CBR Welcomes Pangya Season 4
Artist/Song: Boom Boom Pow By Black Eyed Peas

Dangerous little girl

Video Title: Dangerous Little Girls
Artist/Song: Black Betty by Spiderbait

KOS 2011

Video Title: King of Spayn 2011
Artist/Song: NU ABO by f(x)

How Crazy Pic

Video Title: VG5-How Crazy are you
Artist/Song: How Crazy are you

Hide and Seek

Video Title: Magical B$@ches
Artist/Song: Bitches by MSI

Crying Angel

Video Title: AzuFight
Artist/Song:Fight Club Trailer

Tainted Love

Video Title: VG5-In My Car
Artist/Song:Here in my Car (remix)

No Limits

Video Title: Failed Experiments in FanService Editing
Artist/Song:Bootie by Benzino

Uncle Pro

Video Title: I blame this on Wuwu
Artist/Song: Dragostea Din Tei by O-zone

My December

Video Title: Horsedick.mpeg.mp4
Artist/Song: MCatsgroove by Parov Stelar

My December

Video Title: Will you untie the thread?
Artist/Song: Inside the Fire by Disturbed

My December

Video Title: Guu's Jungle Mix
Artist/Song: Club of the Mountain King