Is this still a thing? KOS2022

The kingdom of Spayn had become listless. Not much has gone on. Is KOS still a vaild thing?

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After a hard fought battle. a king has risen to the top. A former King of Spayn has emgered from the group. We welcome our King of Spayn Mr. Pilkington!! Check out the lastest entires under the contest link. Long love the king!!!

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It has been a year and the kingdom of Spayn has gone withour a ruler. The selection of the next ruler will come down to a video contest. Come and join in for the 2019 King of Spayn contest. Follow the link to join in on the fun.

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King of Spayn - A battle for the throne!!

In the land of Spyan, there is only one way to detemine the next ruler. An AMV contest heald at the start of the new year!!

Many rise from the ranks to put forth their editing efforts in this free for all contest, but only one can be chosen.

Collaborations? We got um'

Working with others can be fun!

CBR members collborate on many different type of AMV projects.

Feel free to check them out here.

Late night fun?

Bored? Lonely? Looking for a little fun?

CBR had just what you need but only if you are old enough to handle it.

Are you?