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Pangya Video

Video Title: <3 Traps
Artist/Song: Selena Gomez - Love you like a Love Song

Dangerous little girl

Video Title: Monster Girls are Simply Irresistible
Artist/Song: Robert Palmer - Simply Irresistible

Over 9000!

Video Title: Non Non Byori Lift
Artist/Song:American Authors - Best Day of my life

Pangya Pump It

Video Title: What Rin Wants...
Artist/Song: Sarah Vaughan - What Lola wants...

Hide and Seek

Video Title: Sempai will never notice how crazy in love you are...
Artist/Song: Crazy in Love - Beyonce' feat. Jay-Z

Crying Angel

Video Title: Can it be Gamez Timez nao?
Artist/Song:Game On! - Waka Flocka Flame Feat. Good Charlotte

No Limits

Video Title: Girls can Kiss Girls!!!
Artist/Song: Kiss the Girl - Ashley Tisdale

Uncle Pro
p class="card-text">Video Title: Hell Comes From Above Water
Artist/Song: Battleship (2012) Trailer Audio

My December

Video Title: True Love is a Pain in the Ass!!
Artist/Song: Fucking my Heart in the Ass by Steel Panther

My December

Video Title: EverLasting Love
Artist/Song: This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) by Natalie Cole

My December

Video Title: My (Best) Girl
Artist/Song: My Girl by The Temptations

My December

Video Title: The Most Amazingly Perfect Love Story
Artist/Song: You're Beautiful When You Don't Talk by Steel Panther